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In the year 2009 the National Peace Council continued to be in the forefront of civil society activism aimed at promoting a just political solution and reconciliation amongst the ethnic communities in Sri Lanka. With the war finally at an end in May 2009, the fight for equality and democracy began anew.  The National Peace Council has been strategizing new efforts, as well as developing teaching modules to assist in promoting positive peace and reconciliation among the Sri Lankan people.  This included Tamil language classes and youth workshops to name a few.   In order to spread the message of peace, the NPC also turned to increasing awareness among the media through high profile media advocacy and longer term public awareness programs.  In order to increase understanding among the different ethnic groups, the NPC also arranged for inter-ethnic as well as inter-religious events so that Sri Lankans could share their community experience with each other.  Please see a complete report of activities undertaken and their impacts by clicking this link.

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